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What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising generally refers to paid media that is served within social media platforms, search engines and applications. 
Examples are Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat ads.  

Why should my business use digital advertising?

Simply put, because while $1 spent on print ads might return $5, $1 spent on digital ads will return $20. Sure, print ads might make your business money, and the math might work out well, but digital ads could make you much, much more.

Why? Because digital ads are incredibly under-priced for what they are. 
Not only is the cost per 1000 eye-balls significantly lower on digital ads than print ads, digital ads also allow customers to execute on your call to action right then and there from the comfort of their phones or laptop. 

Is digital advertising right for every business?

Digital advertising is right for every business, and what is more, it represents an incredible opportunity for growth. While the big brands and businesses are still throwing their money away on print ads and TV commercials that nobody watches, small businesses are gaining market share on the back of under-priced attention. 

A large advertising budget is not an advantage when 90% of it is going in the trash!

What should I consider when running a digital advertising campaign?

There are generally three parts to every campaign, that is:

1) The Objective - What exactly is your goal? You get to pick between, reach, views, awareness, traffic, lead generation, conversions and many more. Pick the objective that makes the most sense for you, however this is not a make-or-break in most cases.

2) Targeting - While it is true that Facebook sells incredibly cheap attention, you need to tell their ad platform exactly what type of person would be interested in your goods or services. The good news is that there are incredibly powerful tools to make this very easy for you and get rid of all the guessing.

3) Creative - You could have the best targeting in the world, but if your ad creative and marketing copy doesn't stand out within your customer's feed you might as well go back to buying print ads.

Pro tips: 
a) Video ads tend to not only perform better, but also run at lower cost per 1000 eyeballs (CPM) than still images.
b) Avoid heavy text in your creative. Any text will result increased CPM and may cause your ads to not run at all.