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What is digital creative?

When we say 'Digital Creative' we refer to digital graphic design. These can take the form of images, ads, social media content, articles and many more.

Why is it important to create platform specific content?

It is important to create platform specific content not only because media platforms have different dimension requirements, but also because the creative must match the psychology of the platform it will live in, and ideally also take advantage of the different features social media platforms offer.

For instance, on Instagram you have the choice between posting on your feed or 'Story'. Your 'Story' supports 9:16 content and you can use all sorts of trendy/pop-culture tags, GIFs, fonts, and other features, but your feed does not allow you to do that. 
Feed posts can be videos or images and are generally 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratios.

Though Instagram supports videos as long as 60 seconds, 3-second videos (even if they are still images) perform very well. As a follower watches it, the 3-second video loops several times telling the Instagram algorithm to show it to more Instagram viewers that may find it interesting.

These are just a few things to consider when creating content that performs well within various platforms.