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What platform should I use for my website?

Though most agencies build websites using WordPress, we generally prefer Shopify even for non-eCommerce applications for several reasons.

1) Shopify is incredibly mobile friendly both for customers and for businesses. In 2017, mobile Black Friday sales surpassed desktop sales, so a mobile friendly website that sells is key to maximizing the return on your traffic.

2) You can build beautiful eye-catching websites with Shopify and have the ability to modify all of the website code and even download it.

3) Shopify websites rank very well in search engines even with the most basic SEO.

4) Shopify servers are incredibly reliable and secure. This is an important factor to consider given you'll likely be storing customer payment information.

5) Shopify won't cap your bandwidth, your website will run well whether you receive 1 or 10,000 visitors.

6) Shopify makes it incredibly simple to integrate different payment processors.

7) In the event you change webmasters, they'll be able to quickly understand how the website is built.

8) Easily leverage digital marketing tools such as Facebook Pixel and more.

The list goes on and on.

Does my business need a website or an App?

I've heard that a strong social media presence is often more important than a website, is that true?